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3. From former student Maddie Schaller

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

After only being apart of Stage Right! for only a year I left. In that short period of time I was bullied by another student multiple times, and verbally attacked by the Artistic Director on a few occasions. One incident with the Artistic Director happened after I left Stage Right, but while I was a student participating in the musical at Hempfield Area Highschool. I approached the Artistic Director to inform him that I was missing one of the shows due to an event I was attending in Pittsburgh. He was extremely upset with me even though I informed him that I spoke with my double, and she was okay with doing an extra night. He began to verbally attack me out loud in front of multiple other students that were rehearsing on stage. I was just standing there not knowing what to do. I wanted to start speaking back, but I was too scared to talk and add to the scene. After he finished speaking I ran to my friend crying and started having a panic attack. At the time I was 17 fully speechless that just happened. It felt so humiliating that students saw that happen. And that was my last full occurrence with the Artistic Director.

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