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11. From former parent and volunteer Bryan Bass-Riley

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Many of the stories that have been shared mirror our experiences with Stage Right, especially the story shared by my wife Lori Bass-Riley.

I want to share an experience that directly involves a danger to student, staff, and community safety. Last summer my daughter was rehearsing for Tink. She became very ill, and she required testing for COVID 19. She had been around numerous other students who were participating in the show. My wife and I both posted on social media about waiting for test results. We were contacted by the General Manager and asked to remove our personal posts on our personal social media accounts so that other students or families wouldn't worry that they might have been exposed to COVID and not be comfortable participating in the show. Fortunately our daughter tested negative, but the willingness of Stage Right administrative staff to put students, staff, and community members at risk was appalling to us then, and it remains so. It is emblematic of a culture that does not value the well-being of students.

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