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61. 8/14-From a supporter of Stage Right Survivors

There have been many troubling stories that have come out of this organization over the last two decades. We’ve heard them for years, and now things are being brought to light. This is unfortunately necessary to be able to move forward.

I support the survivors, and I’m hopeful they will be able to move forward in their healing. Just a few thoughts:

  • The repetition exercise and the Auto drama are used in colleges and masters programs with adults. When doing these types of exercises with teens/children boundaries need to be set to make a safe environment. This should be a no-brainer to anyone Educating children in the arts. At that point in a young person’s life it’s about trusting yourself, not airing your deepest and darkest secrets in front of a classroom of peers. The repetition exercise is very fun and is so beneficial to a young actor, but it should be used in a positive manner because of the age group. Screaming “I hate you” In a toxic/negative environment will never help anyone become more confident in them selves. Young minds our mediate learners, and are unable to process the benefits from the repetition exercise when all they hear are the words that are negative.

  • Recording anyone without their knowledge is against the law. Whether you’re an eighth grader or an 80 year old. The board knows this. Their deliberate ignorance is astounding.

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