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73. 9/22-From The Survivors

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


Content Warning: This post includes graphic content and images. No one under age 18 should access this post.

When we first heard about the flicker situation, we thought that alone was unacceptable. Today, we find out that Stage Right’s public business’s twitter account is liking, following, and commenting on multiple pornographic twitter accounts including the handles @sharedwife, @VanessaMarigold, @womenareartt, @maxxxdawn and @hotwifejackie (see screenshots attached). Anyone, especially students, can have access to view the names and descriptions of these accounts if not the content.

Additionally, comments were made on other images, proving that a member of the family in question is still managing @GBGStageRight (official twitter account). You will see in the screenshots that on 9/1/21, a post of @GBGStageRight replying to the Pittsburgh Steelers official twitter “Marino 75”. On the same day, @GBGStageRight “likes” Vanessa Dora Lavorato’s partially clothed photo, captioned “thirsty?”.

Many of these accounts have a content warning due to their explicit sexual nature.

Why is an allegedly suspended employee still able to access official company social media?

When will the board take these allegations made of this family seriously?

To reiterate, as of September 22, 2021 this publicly shows that “Stage Right” actively endorses these explicit accounts, as well as the material within them. Verbatim it reads Stage Right follows, @sharedwife @maxxxdawn, @womenareartt, @VanessaMarigold and @hotwifejackie Where is the board in their investigation regarding the 70+ allegations on our site? We still have yet to hear anything from the Board of Directors. It has been upwards of 2 months since initial contact was made with the Board (August 7th). This is UNACCEPTABLE.

To current families, how would you feel if your kids would see this?

This is continued gross negligence as a result of inaction from the board. The Board of Directors are responsible for the entire company (the good, bad, and the ugly). The board has a responsibility to protect their students. They are the only ones ABLE to do so, yet, they continuously ignore what would normally be an indisputable moral and ethical obligation.

These screenshots are only shared because this is actively publicly available on the @GBGStageRight Company Twitter as of 9/22 at 9:50pm.

Since this post was published, the Stage Right Twitter account has been deactivated. Why is the Board of Directors trying to cover this up rather than addressing concerns publicly? Ask them at

Since this post was published the Instagram account tonymarino_stageright has been made a private account. Had it always been private, and were there no students following the account, his Instagram predilection would be irrelevant. However, it was public until shortly ago. As of last night the account had 252 followers, and it now has 249 followers, so it would seem likely that the students who followed the account still do.

It can be difficult to tell from a screenshot that an image or account is liked by @gbgstageright, so this video demonstrates that all of these are in fact from the studio's official Twitter account.


In addition to the accounts followed or frequently liked by the Stage Right Twitter account, there is also an Instagram account with the name of tonymarino_stageright. While this is a private account, it is also an account that is followed by students and that includes the studio's name. Consequently, we believe the content that the Artistic Director follows (and that any student who follows him can clearly see that he follows) is relevant to the question of his suitability to work with children. While we make no judgments about his interests, the clear lack of judgment shown by a teacher and school administrator using the same social media account to interact with students and view pornography is heinous.

If you find this as appalling and alarming as we do, we encourage you to share your concerns with the Stage Right Board of Directors at

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