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72. 9/18-From a former parent

My daughter was a student there for a few years. At the time we were hoping this would be a place for her to simply be herself and also be accepted for simply that, her unique self. She was not accepted, in fact, she was outcasted by not only the other students but also by the owner/teachers. She was yelled at to the point of tears on a few occasions. It seemed to me the ones who got the best parts, other than the owners family members, gave the most money. He favored those who wrote the larger checks. My daughter was never given an opportunity to grow or even improve. The owner was fake, meaning he gave these speeches before plays about how StageRight was a place where kids could shine and be welcomed. They could express themselves in an artistic way and so forth. Well, from reading the other stories and looking back at my daughters experience, those speeches were nothing more than a sales pitch from a snake-oil salesmen. I would never recommend anyone to attend classes at StageRight and I am glad this site is here today to let others know the truth.

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