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70. 9/3-From an anonymous submitter

Updated: Sep 7, 2021


UPDATE: After consideration of the sexually graphic nature of this story, we have decided to redact the sexually graphic portions of this statement after we had informed the proper authorities.

Content Warning: This story contains material of a sexual nature that is only appropriate for an adult audience and could be triggering to some readers.

One story that was not shared that is, in my opinion, the worst one is the account of pornographic images of the artistic director, the school coordinator, and a former student/ stage manager.

As an adult, I was shown these pictures at a get - together by a “favorite” of the studio. This was a publicly accessible Flickr account with the handle icarusformallysalamnder. On this website were pictures of the three individuals engaging in many sexual acts. What was worse than the pictures were the egregious captions under them. These images displayed the three individuals engaging in various sex acts, and the captions used language that is degrading to women.

To say seeing these pictures of two individuals that I held in high regard in this manner was traumatizing is a massive understatement.

I was an adult when I saw these pictures but it has been brought to my attention that there are former students who have seen these pictures on the company computer that the artistic director uses WHEN THEY WERE STUDENTS. The pictures have also been seen on his personal iPad that he gives to students to use for library shows.

If you are a former student who has seen these pictures as a minor or if you are an adult who has seen these pictures, I encourage you to contact the Greensburg police to offer a confidential statement. Your identity will be kept confidential if you so choose but this information must be shared for a thorough investigation into these matters.

I haven’t seen mention of this in previous stories and know that this is DEFINITELY something that needs to be considered and evaluated by the board of directors and the police.

From what I understand, the board was aware of this situation but have not addressed this. They also did not include this inexcusable misstep in their statements to parents and patrons of the organization which further speaks to their inability to lead this organization.

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