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52. 8/13 From a Stuck Family

We are a current Stage Right family, and have been for a very long time. Our time there has created the most amazing friendships, taught us ALL about ourselves, given us opportunities and memories that will last forever. Let me tell you what's happened to the families that are stuck in the middle of this - we lose everything. We have these options to choose one side and lose friends, to choose another and lose friends, to stay silent and feel trapped. In the last week - I have lost relationships that will never heal. My child is stuck making decisions they're worried will hurt people they care about - on one side or the other. My family has been forced into the uproot from a place they know, and love. Change HAS to happen. I can see that, we all can. Both sides. I'm so sad to see what it's come to. Not from all, but from the folks who are making this a war against Stage Right.

Supporters - you have had a wonderful experience and that is terrific. Others have not. What you're defending is Stage Right. And I agree!! I want to defend Stage Right as well. But I don't want to defend actions by someone that caused these stories. You all know as well as everyone that the students who have come out are accurate. Let's fix that. I do NOT think it needs to be burned down. I think it needs help, though.

Survivors - The things I'm reading are sad, devastating and down right horrible. I have witnessed some of these actions, felt the need to be praised and "liked" by the in crowd - as an ADULT! I can relate to your turmoil and hope with everything you all find a way to move past what you've endured. If you want change, find the focus.

Artistic Director - please, please consider what's being presented to you. I know if it were me in your spot, I would be on the defense. But, try to see past the adults who are using this as a platform and read what actions, whether intentional or not, have caused any pain.

Board - FIX THIS, PLEASE. You have the power and ability to fix this before it implodes. This is a terrific burden and I'm sorry you're enduring it. But as a family stuck, just watching everything around us fall to shit. Please fix and save this. I'm reading stories from these students who I care about so much. Seeing what this is doing. I love you all. You are seen and you are so important. I'm not sure why stories about children are being tossed around, and I personally think adults that do that are in the wrong.

Stage Right is good. The staff is good. The students and families are good. This is not a website battle to who has the better stories. If we could all just take a step, and a breath and maybe attempt doing this rather than rallying the troops.

I'm staying anonymous because I don't want my child to feel retribution from this. I don't want my child to not get parts or be cast away more than they already are for not taking a side. Which, is an action I instructed my minor child to do. To stay OUT of it.

To all the SR students that aren't involved in this... I'm so sorry. Keep your head up and remember you have your friends.

To the ones that are involved. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. This isn't fair and most of you are so young to be dealing with such a situation. Just remember... this isn't your whole life. You are not defined by this one situation. You are all good and loved people.

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