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46. 8/12/21- Message of support from a former student and staff member

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

What some of these “Stage Right (SR) Supporters” need to realize is that SR isn’t the AD (Artistic Director) and the AD isn’t SR. If you were truly a SR Supporter, you would listen to those students and faculty who have felt victimized and seek the truth to allow for what you say you support, an organization, to thrive and be the best that it could be through change.

Showing support for the accused instead does several things. It, 1– puts blame on the victims (most of which are/were actual children), which is a disgusting thing to do, because you are telling them you do not believe them. 2– makes it clear that you don’t think SR can be separated from the AD (+cohorts), despite the fact that no single person can ever run an organization, and that the good things you like about SR are only possible because of one person, which is absolutely not true and devalues literally every single other member of the organization including yourself or your children/students themselves. 3– you’ve been told to be vocal about your support for an organization which you love, but you’ve been told to do this by the person, not the organization, that would actually benefit. That is emotional manipulation and is also disgusting. And the reason I share this with you here is not because you who are actively seeking change need to hear this, but because I know that those “SR Supporters” are also reading these entries. So please understand when I say that if you actually care about SR, you will not stand in the way of these courageous voices.

SR, the organization, was and is positive for many. But I never attributed that good to a single person, or a select group of people. The only things I ever attributed singularly to individuals were nastiness, bigotry, and hate. And yes, I did experience and witness this during my time at SR. All of the good is attributed to the hard work we as students and workers put in which brought about the positive benefits. Those good memories are yours, and if you have the blessing to be able to cherish them clean of poison, then be glad for that. But there are too many that cannot, which is the entire point. If SR saved you, then allow people to save it. Think about who and what you’re really a “Supporter” for. To the people sharing their stories, you are braver than I. I stand with you and I support you. You are the good.

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