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43. 8/12/22-From an anonymous former student

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Though my story is not as enduring as the rest of the survivors, I just want to support the cause and share my own feelings as well. I didn’t attend Stage Right for too long, around three years. In those years i thought i was just joining a place to make new friends and further my career in the arts. On my first day I met a good group of people and i’m glad that they made me feel welcomed and i will forever thank them. As my time went on i never felt as if i belonged, mainly due to the fact that if you were not friends with the owners daughter you were overlooked, ignored, and just really left to yourself. There are so many talented kids that got overlooked for roles in which they definitely deserved. The casting at Stage Right is truly unfair. The way the kids and staff get treated is absolutely ridiculous. I hope and pray that JUSTICE will be served to that place and to ALL of the people affected!!

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