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35. 8/11 From an Anonymous Former Student

When I was 15 I performed in the free show that Stage Right used to do every year. It was like marketing to bring in new students, I'm not sure if they still do this. I remember enjoying my time at first, but was nervous because the Artistic Director often told students not to worry about their homework, and instead to focus everything on performing because they are all going to be stars. That's true for some but not for all, but I just figured he had a positive attitude and no one really took him seriously about it (I found out later some friends did though). Towards the middle of the show I was offered a scholarship, I was ecstatic but then found out my parents still couldn't afford the classes. I told the director that I was greatful but had to decline due to financial reasons, and that I may come back in the future but would probably audition at Apple Hill that summer. I remember the Artistic Director snidely laughing at me stating "you will never learn anything at Apple Hill" and then he started acting differently towards me during the show. He often berated me and I decided I would never go back. I am fortunate that this is all that had happened.

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