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28. 8/11 From a Current Stage Right Parent

My daughter has been for many years and is currently a student. She's done multiple productions and has built friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Our time at SR has helped her find herself, and her people and for that we are forever thankful.

Sadly, we have also seen the low parts, the mean parts, the belittling and the bullying. I don't want to divulge too much as she is still currently a student - and we fear repercussions. But, due to treatments that were allowed she had severe emotional turmoil to the point of therapy. Being cast off by other students at the drop of a hat and then brought back in when "they have a new target".

This was brought to staff and ignored. Calls/texts - unanswered. You may ask why she's still there - as I ask myself often! But - we are there for the good staff, the experiences, the people and the education that IS so positive, when it's allowed to be and in the right environment.

This organization has the ability and the PEOPLE to be an amazing powerhouse.

Sadly, the ego and narcissism of one at the top causes fear and holds this organization back from being so amazing.

I would LOVE to see some changes for the good so that this can be the place that I think, we all know it can be.

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