Stories of Abuse and Survival

Do you have a story of being abused at Stage Right?  You are not alone.  

Why are some of our stories anonymous? Some of us, even 15 years later, remain afraid of retribution from the staff at Stage Right. Many of us have struggled with fear and trauma since our time at Stage Right, and being completely public does not feel safe.  We chose to include anonymous stories because the very need for anonymity demonstrates the pervasiveness of the culture of abuse and fear at Stage Right.

Other survivors have stories to tell. As people share their stories with us, we will share their stories with the world. Read on to hear our stories.


CONTENT WARNING: These stories convey descriptions of emotional and physical abuse, and the language survivors use to tell their stories is sometimes raw and visceral because often the memories remain raw and visceral to them. In almost all cases we leave this language intact because the stories belong to the survivors alone.  


In order to read the stories submitted you will be asked to verify that you are 18.  Once you have verified your age on one story, you will be able to access the remainder of the stories.  We have attempted to provide content warning and trigger warnings as appropriate. Except for stories that explicitly state that the material is only appropriate for adults, we strongly encourage parents to review these stories WITH minors so that you can discuss them together.