Survivors of Stage Right! Greensburg

The Stage Right Survivors are a collective of over 50 former students, staff, board members, families, and volunteers. On August 8th, 2021, we reached out to the Stage Right! Board of Directors regarding countless stories of abuse, harassment, inappropriate behavior, and lack of transparency that we have experienced firsthand over the past two decades. We await the Board’s investigation into these matters.


We know there are more Stage Right Survivors out there who have been silent for years due to their fear of coming forward. This platform was created to provide a safe space for you and others to have your voices heard. We are asking anyone that may have suffered trauma while involved with Stage Right! to come forward. Anonymous submissions are welcome.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Your feelings and experiences are real and valid; you deserve to be heard and to heal.

We neither wish to dismantle this vital piece of the arts community, nor do we wish to deprive students in Westmoreland County of accessible theatre arts education. However, any positive experience that you have had does not excuse the negative ones. We know this organization can thrive under the proper leadership, and that can only begin with truth, transparency, and accountability.

Stage Right Survivors Covered by Pittsburgh City Paper

We are incredibly grateful to the whole team from the City Paper for giving us a platform to spread the word about our experiences with the Pittsburgh region.

Their article provides an unbiased review of what has happened, including quotes from the Stage Right Supporters and the Greensburg police. Based on the police statements, we would like to encourage anyone who has personal experiences of being put in compromising positions as a minor to file a report with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.


The statute of limitations for experiences of a sexual nature (including comments or witnessing pornographic content) is until the 50th birthday of the victim. For any type of abuse - physical or verbal - the statute of limitations is within two years of the event. We encourage you to report these to the police. - and you can ask to have your name redacted from the public record - because this is what will allow the police to conduct a thorough investigation and enact change that will protect current and future students. We understand that this is difficult, but please know that you are not alone in this.

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Watch former Stage Right student and
employee Leo Liotta share their experience.

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(Please note, all stories will be reviewed prior to posting to eliminate spam. We will redact the names of any individuals you list in your testimony for security reasons. We will replace the person's name with the nature of their relationship to the studio. When a person is a relative of a member of Stage Right! administration we have chosen to keep that relationship public.  While we struggled with this decision, ultimately the fact of their relationship to the administration is often endemic of larger systemic issues that need to come to light.  We may remove references to people who are not related to Stage Right!  Otherwise, stories will be left intact because it is not our right to change a person's story.)
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