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Survivors of Abuse in Theater Education

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Now that Stage Right is under new leadership we urge you to support the school and its leaders and to hold them accountable to ensuring that the school becomes and remains a safe place for children and youth to grow and learn.

This movement began as an attempt to shed light on abusive practices by the leadership of one particular theater education program. We are so pleased that we were able to affect change not only in staffing at that program but more broadly by ensuring that structural changes in that program were put in place to protect students. We also know that what we experienced at that program is not an isolated case. Arts education has long had a dark underside that was not talked about often enough. We made the decision to keep this website active because these stories need to continue to be heard so that victims know that they are not alone. 

Survivors Covered in Pittsburgh City Paper

When we began our work we were grateful that our story was covered by the Pittsburgh City Paper. While we are now happy that structural changes at Stage Right have addressed the concerns we raised that were covered in this story, we know that there are similar stories in other arts education programs. 

One survivor bravely shares their story.

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